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True stories with my favorite escort This is a ture story about my favorite escort, who i have seen numerous times over the last 7 years when she visits my city. When it all started, i was a newbie in the ts world and didn't know what i was looking for but being with her has been the best sexual experience of my life.

This is a recap of as many of our meetings that i can remember and that stand out to me! My first time i met her, i remember Story ts escort her up when she was in town and telling her that i was nervous about being with a woman like her but that i was very curious and anxtious and was hoping that she could fullfill a fantasy as i had always wondered what it was like for a woman to cum in my mouth. She was very happy i asked for that and said it would be something that i would always remember. Her pictures on eros were of a busty woman who was built, thick but not fat with great tits 44 DD and ass and she said she was 8.

AS it turns out, she never lied on Story ts escort size! I arrived at her hotel and went up shortly thereafter. We introduced ourselves and made out like teenagers while my hands roamed her big luscious breasts and ass. She started to remove my clothes and guided my hand between her legs. We moved to the bed and as we did, she dropped her thong and me the rest of my clothes. I kissed my way down her neck and her breasts, teased the inside of her legs and then began to worship my first cock. Condom free, i gently licking her shaft and then swallowing her head and sucking away like a madman.

She is about 8. I couldn't take it all but did the best i could. She was moaning and rubbing her fingers through my hair and pushing my head deeper down on her. She told me she was going to cum while looking down at me and i just grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her in closer til she filled my mouth up with my first ever load of white, creamy cum. As i held her cum in my mouth, she put her hands on my mouth and told me to swallow every drop. Which i did and it taste so good! She then blew me and it didn't take long to shoot down her throat.

We said our goodbyes and i told her i wouldn't forget her. About 2 months goes by and i see that she is in town again and the memory of that first meeting kept running through my head, so i just knew that i needed to set up another appointment with her. Called, she remembered me and we were good for later that night.

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Same routine as before. Great kissing at the frontdoor with fondling and petting. I had a chance to free my mouth from her cock for a second and told her that i wanted her to fuck me and to take my virginity! What i noticed was that she was bare - no condom. She went down to my cock and started to suck away and within seconds i was pumping my seed into her throat which see swallowed. Then, her turn! Next meeting a few months later and When i arrived, she was wearing a bra that barely contained those massive breasts, a thong, thigh highs and heels and all of them were black lace.

We kissed heavily as soon as i walked against the door and i started to pull her tits out of her bra and squeeze hard. I kissed her neck and worked down to her tits and nipples, flicking them with my tounge and biting them gently. I could feel her growing in her thong and her hands Story ts escort all over my ass and cock.

With her on the edge of the bed, she pulled my shirt off, undid my belt and had me drop naked right in front of her. She began to rub her nails between my legs working her way up to may balls and cock. She rubbed it for a few seconds before smiling and taking my cock in her mouth and giving me one of the beset blow jobs ever, so good that i had to have her stop after just a few minutes.

Wyoming Sluts

She moved her hands up my back, pulled me in for a deep kiss and then had guided my head down to her ever growing, rock hard cock. She was loving it! After a few minutes of this, i said to her that one of us needs to get fucked! While sliding lube on both my cock and her hole, she grabbed my cock and rubbed it bare on her ass and began to guide it into her hole.

Stunned, i stopped and reached for a hat, slid it on and began to pound my very first she-ass. Because she was so tight and having been awhile since i busted via sex, i only lasted a few minutes before i came in the hat and collapsed onto the bed on top of her!

I did and also used my hands like female pornstars do in a circular motion at the tip and her legs started to shake before grabbing the headboard and blasting her load down my throat. I smiled up at her as she staired into my eyes and i swallowed it all right before she kissed me and thanked me. We would stay in touch via and text messages for a while when she was out of town, sexting and flirting hard!


When she answered she said, "listen" and put the phone down as she was having her cocked sucked by a client. She let me listen as she fucked him and hearing him squeal as she penetrated him made me even more horned up and eager to have to my first cock inside of me.

About a month later, she posted on eros, I took note and called when she arrived. Appointment made and up i went. My lady friend with a special something extra was wearing her normal bustier, thong, thigh highs and heels - this time in white. Lots of making out at the door with my hand rubbing her cock hard thru her panties and reaching in trying to spring it to full attention. SUCCESS and i immediately dropped right to my knees, pulling her cock to the side of her thong and began to suck her hard cock which i have now grown to love and worship so much!

She got up, grabbed the lube and spread it on my cock and on her ass as she was standing up.

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She looked back at me and said, "take ur ass. I remember the last time being very close to barebacking her and she had me right at her hole again. I asked "can i cum in ur ass? I was a little nervous about what i had just happened but i went with it. Neither one of us said a word about the barebacking. While she was out of town, there was more sexting with pictures Story ts escort stories about her sexcapades in the industry. I would tell her how i would jerkoff, thinking about my bare cock in her ass and cumming inside of her and she'd respond that i was special and that she doesn't do that with everyone but has a select few who she lets do it and they're married.

A few months later, she's back in town and of course we set up a date together! Heavy kissing at the door, cock sucking both ways and while i was on top of her in a 69 i told her how hard i was going to fuck her and fill her ass with my cum to which her legs shook and a long stream of cum went into my mouth. I swallowed and licked every drop and told her it was my turn. I got her into missionary and with her thick legs over my shoulders, i slide my again raw cock right into her welcoming hole and pumped and pumped and fucked hard.

Great stamina this time for me and after 5 minutes in mish, i flipped her on her stomach and slid right back into that round, plum ass and collapsed on top of her, pumping away and kissing her neck. I leaned into her ear and told her i wanted her to fuck me today too and said i want her to take my virgin ass.

After she came back from the bathroom, i was still naked and dropped right to my knees in front of her, trying to get her hard. She kept telling me that it Story ts escort not work but while saying this, moaning with extasy as i sucked away. She pulled me up and had me get onto the bed on my back.

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She grabbed the lube for my ass and her cock. She started to lose hardness a bit and since i was a virgin, she was having trouble getting in.

Trying to bring her back to life, i was begging for her to fuck me, that i wanted her to be my first and that i wanted to feel her cum inside of me. She limply got in and started to rock into me. I begged her to cum in my ass but she said she didn't do that. I never truly got my first cock in my ass. While we were getting dressed she mentioned how tight i was and that one way for me to losen up was to have a few drinks next time before i came over or perhaps use something and as she said "snow helps" if your into that. I knew what she had meant and had tried it before.

Kissed, said our goodbyes and continued our sexting while she was out of town. Then one night, after months had passed i hadn't checked eros in awhile, i was out at a bar and i was partying. I told her that i wished she were intown cause it was time for me to get fucked! I dropped right to my knees and sprung her cock, soft and inches Story ts escort first but growing quickly with my touch and the wetness from my mouth. She pulled me up, told me to shed my clothes but also said to "set some up on the dresser" for us.

Story ts escort

I did and having already used my share i have trouble getting hard but she said she's the opposite when first done and that she could go all night and that my ass was hers. I moved up into a 69 and we went like that for a few minutes before she instructed me to get on the edge of the bed on my knees with my ass up in the air.

Me having never been fucked or having anything but her fingers in my ass never entered our minds. It was the moment i had been waiting for since i saw her the first time. It never hurt at all going in but i could feel her length pushing deeper Story ts escort of me. She pushed all the way in at first, stopped, girated her hips moving her cock in circles in my ass, then pounded away with passion.

She just litterally pounded the shit out of my and between her moans and my grunts all i heard was her thighs and pelvis slapping against my ass.


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