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Sony Xperia Z SGP311U1/B

$499.99 $436.99

Features of Sony SGP311U1/B tablet are –

  • Come with 10.1 inches of the High Definition display screen area.
  • Come with 32 GB and 16 GB of screen sizes.
  • Have 4th version of the Android jelly bean operating system
  • Posses Qualcomm Snapdragon specialized processor.
  • Provide 1.5 GHz of the processing speed.
  • Have 2 GB of RAM.
  • Provide long battery life.
  • Stereo sound speaks are available.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Long battery life.
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Product Description

Sony Xperia Z SGP311U1/B

Sony is symbol of Luxury brand as it provides royal gadgets to its users for many years. The all new tablet of Sony is SGP311U1/B which has all enthralling functionalities like other gadgets of Sony. Sony always launches its gadgets in grand way with full market planning and customer centric thinking. The Sony SGP311U1/B tablet come with majestic features like it come with High Definition display quality of the Sony Bravio television. The Sony SGP311U1/B tablet captures crystal clear pictures like Sony cyber short digital camera. With Sony SGP311U1/B tablet while playing any games you will get feeling of Sony play station.  This magical tablet will also have fantastic stereo sound like Sony Walkman. The Sony SGP311U1/B tablet provides all software supports and fast internet browsing capabilities just like Sony vio Laptop. In short the Sony SGP311U1/B tablet is combination of features of Sony Bravio Television; Sony Cyber shot digital camera, Sony vio laptop, Sony PSP play station and Sony walkman.

The Sony SGP311U1/B tablet provide the 10.1 inches of the High Definition display screen area which provide very amazing display quality in the whole world. The 10.1 inches of the Tablet is fully touch screen tablet, it is heavenly experiences to use such luxury gadget. The Sony brand is famous for providing really amazing display quality to its users.

The amazing Sony SGP311U1/B tablet comes with two flash memory sizes so that user can choose according to their needs and requirement. Like if user requires oodles of storage capacity to save images, music, documents, messages, video clips, movies etc then they can opt for 32 GB flash memory size. If they can manage in less memory then they can choose 16 GB of flash memory size for them. Along with the needs and requirement user can choose best flash memory size according to their budget also more GB means more price and less GB means less price.

The royal Sony SGP311U1/B tablet have 4th version of the Android jelly bean operating system for better performance. The jelly bean edition of the Android operating system provides wonderful user interface and provide simple to use performance. The New royal Sony SGP311U1/B tablet product has Google attributes also from which customer can purchase any product from the Android os market easily. Many important pre installed applications and games are also available in this product.


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