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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

$199.99 $180.00

Features of Samsung SM-T210RZWYXAR tablet are-

  • With jelly bean version of Android Operating System.
  • With built in hot spot Wi-Fi.
  • With is 7 inches of full HD screen.
  • Provide 1024×64 screen resolution
  • 3 MP of the rear side camera.
  • 1.3 MP of front camera.
  • 8 GB of flash memory.
  • Built in Bluetooth support.
  • Provide long battery hours.
  • With many pre loaded apps.
  • With extra micro SD card slots.
  • Provide multi touch support.
  • Light weight and portable body.
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Product Description

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung is not a small name in the electronics markets each and every product of the Samsung has grand impact on the customers of the digital market. The all new SM-T210RZWYXAR tablet is an engrossing gadget from the house of Samsung. The new SM-T210RZWYXAR have enchanting features in both hardware and software department. The most enthralling feature of new SM-T210RZWYXAR is its Android operating system which is one of the most highlighted features of every smart gadget of the Samsung. The beautiful and sleek body of new SM-T210RZWYXAR tablet galvanizes every customer toward this Samsung tablet. Samsung is sagacious of digital market so whenever it launch new product it have some purpose and this purpose is beneficial both for the Samsung as well as for the customers.

The all new Samsung SM-T210RZWYXAR tablet is also one of the emphatic product from the house of Samsung. Most nimble feature of Samsung SM-T210RZWYXAR tablet is its jelly bean version of Android Operating System. Android has become a twin brand of Samsung almost every gadget of Samsung posse’s Android operating system because this operating system come with the guaranty of the user friendliness and conform the success of the gadget in the positive manner.

The Samsung SM-T210RZWYXAR tablet provide many adroitness features like built in hot spot Wi-Fi capability which allows this tablet to directly connect with the internet without using any cables. This hot spot Wi-Fi even allow the internet sharing capability means if you want to share your internet data with your friend mobile or tablet then he or she can access internet from his or her device.

Another hot feature of Samsung SM-T210RZWYXAR tablet is 7 inches of full HD display screen area which provide 1024×64 of the screen resolution. The picture quality of the Samsung gadget is always being a plus point for Samsung gadgets. The Samsung SM-T210RZWYXAR tablet posses 8 GB of built in flash memory which make its processing even more faster than any other tablet.

The Samsung SM-T210RZWYXAR tablet contains both front and the rear side cameras both with the different picture quality. The rear side camera has 3 mega pixel of the image quality and the front side camera has 1.3 mega pixel of the image quality. The difference in picture qualities of both cameras is mainly due to variation of using both front and rear camera.


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