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Features of Asus NEXUS7 ASUS-2B16 tablet are-

  • Come with 16 GB of the built in flash memory.
  • Full touch support (touch is smooth).
  • 7 inch of full HD display area.
  • 2 GB of built in RAM.
  • Come with latest version of Android jelly bean operating system.
  • 5 MP of the rear camera.
  • 1.2 MP of front camera.
  • Posses wireless LAN capability.
  • With micro USB port.
  • With Bluetooth 5.0
  • Long battery life.
  • Available in black color only.
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Product Description

Google Nexus 7 Tablet (7-Inch, 16GB, Black) by ASUS (2013)

Asus is a philanthropic name in the digital market when it comes to providing oodles of good quality features. Firstly Asus slickly make a good impression in the laptop market all around the world and now it come with the brand new tablet. The Asus NEXUS7 ASUS-2B16 tablet is proves to be a burgeon gadget which have endearing features. The ooze of the cuddling features of the Asus NEXUS7 ASUS-2B16 is growing day by day. The Asus NEXUS7 ASUS-2B16 comes with the long litany of cuddly features which are demanded all over the world. Most verging feature of Asus NEXUS7 ASUS-2B16is it provides all the latest features with the advance technology available in world at the reasonable price.

The Adorable gadget from Asus the NEXUS7 ASUS-2B16 tablet come with the 7 inches of the overall display area with the full touch capability enabled in it. The touch of NEXUS7 ASUS-2B16 tablet is kind of smooth and execution of the tablet is also very user friendly. The NEXUS7 ASUS-2B16 tablet comes with the Android jelly bean operating system within it. Android is most famous operating system which is often used by almost every big brand smart phone and tablet. The NEXUS7 ASUS-2B16 tablet has many pre loaded applications in it like quick Gmail icon, quick Google map access, Quick view and review to you tube songs and videos. Along with the Google apps the NEXUS7 ASUS-2B16 tablet enjoy full android market means all Games, apps, software’s some are free (maximum) and some are paid is available.

The Asus NEXUS7 ASUS-2B16 tablet come with 16 GB of the built in flash memory means now plenty of space is available for storage of your music, videos, pictures, text messages, games, apps etc. With the 16 GB of storage capability you can even store full HD movie and enjoy watching that movie on this smart gadget. The NEXUS7 ASUS-2B16 tablet come with both front and rear cameras. Rear camera have 5 Mega Pixel of image quality means this tablet provide quite good image quality. Front camera has 1.5 Mega Pixel of the image quality which can be blissfully used for video chatting purpose.

More fluent features of Asus NEXUS7 ASUS-2B16 tablet are built in wireless LAN capability, which allow fast and easy connectivity of the tablet to the existing LAN and tablet can run high speed internet. The profound feature of Asus NEXUS7 ASUS-2B16 tablet is its 2 GB of built in RAM.


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