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Features of ASUS S56CA-WH31:

  • With windows 8 operating system.
  • Stereo type speakers.
  • Large size keyboard with 10 separate number keys for calculation.
  • With wide screen of 15.6 inches with full HD resolution.
  • With RAM of 4 GB.
  • Within built hard drive storage of 500 GB.
  • Number of USB port provided for convenient data transfer.
  • Built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth facility.
  • Long battery life span for about 5 hours.
  • Available in black color only.
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Product Description


Asus the new and innovative brand in the field of laptop manufacturing has bought another of its master works in market and named it as ASUS S56CA-WH31or in popular term the ultra book. The ASUS S56CA-WH31 has a large size keyboard with space between the keys to prevent the insertion of dust or any other particle between the keys; the key board has 10 number keys for calculation purpose which make the calculation task easy. The ASUS S56CA-WH31 has windows 8 as its operating system and a RAM of 4 GB which can be expanded up to 8 GB. The ASUS S56CA-WH31 also had the hard drive of 500 GB which provide enough space to its users for storing their data in their ultra book. The ASUS S56CA-WH31 (ultra book) has a screen of 15.6 inches with full HD resolution. It also has a graphic processor of inter which improve the quality of picture appearing on screen and promote a wide range of games to be played on this ultra book; this feature would be liked by every game lover. The ASUS S56CA-WH31 also has an optical drive which helps you run any kind of CD or DVD on your ultra book.

For better connectivity and exchange of data the Asus ultra book is provided with a number of USB ports along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HDMI facility. The ASUS S56CA-WH31 also have a rare feature of optical drive which most of the ultra books does not have. The webcam of ASUS S56CA-WH31 is also HD along with stereo speakers and good quality microphone in bolt. The battery of ASUS S56CA-WH31 is also long lasting it can work up to 5 hours without any kind of charging and the slim body of ASUS S56CA-WH31 promote its portability with its user almost everywhere. This Asus ultra book has Intel i3 as well as i5 type of processor which provides a comfortable interface between the machine and its user. The ASUS S56CA-WH31 (ultra book) has a pair of built in stereo speakers which prove the ultra book users with clear and loud overall a good quality of sound which improvise the quality of movie watching of gaming of the Asus ultra book.

The ASUS S56CA-WH31 (ultra book) has a large touch pad with good quality of sensors thus improvise the swiping and scrolling quality while surfing on internet or performing any other task on the Asus ultra book. The windows 8 operating system proves your Asus ultra book with updates and makes your ultra book better and better every time even the ASUS S56CA-WH31 is regularly used for a long duration of time it does on heat up or produces any kind of humming or buzzing sound.


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