ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V-A1-GR 7.0-Inch 16 GB Tablet-front
ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V-A1-GR 7.0-Inch 16 GB Tablet-backASUS MeMO Pad ME172V-A1-GR 7.0-Inch 16 GB Tablet-frontASUS MeMO Pad ME172V-A1-GR 7.0-Inch 16 GB Tablet-sideASUS MeMO Pad ME172V-A1-GR 7.0-Inch 16 GB Tablet-top


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Features of Asus ME172V-A1-GR are-

  • Android jelly bean operating system.
  • 7 inches of display screen with fully touch functionality.
  • Available in white, grey and pink color case.
  • Long battery life.
  • Posses 16 GB flash memory.
  • DDR3 RAM.
  • Built in hot spot Wi-Fi.
  • Fast internet access.
  • Bluetooth facility in build.
  • Fast processing speed.
  • 16 GB of hard drive.
  • Dedicated ports are available for ear phones and microphones.
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Product Description

ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V-A1-GR 7.0-Inch 16 GB Tablet

After making good niche in the laptop market Asus is now trying its luck in the tablet market also that is why it is releasing adorable laptops one after another. The new venture from the house of Asus is Asus ME172V-A1-GR tablet which have many traits liked by gadget freaks people. As Asus is new name in the tablet market so in order to make its products heighted among the customers it makes its goods available at low price. Having peeked of the Asus ME172V-A1-GR it looks good and durable product of the Asus and provides all the luring features to the customers. The Asus ME172V-A1-GR has a RAM of 2 GB which is internally built along with internally constructer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Asus ME172V-A1-GR is also commonly called the second generation Google nexus. This Asus ME172V-A1-GR works fully on latest android platform that is jelly bean. This Asus ME172V-A1-GR is an ultra modern tablet which is loved by its modern users as it is full of all those desired features which are needed by this ultra modern generation.

The all new Asus ME172V-A1-GR tablet come with Android mobile and tablet operating system version Jelly bean. Since this Tablet come with the Android operating system so it supports all the android apps. Android market is fully available to the user from where he/ she can download latest games, apps, software, antivirus, videos, images, songs etc. Android is most popular operating system as it is also one of the Google product so Google apps like Google mail (Gmail) , Google search, Google maps, Google hangouts, YouTube, Google translators smoothly run on Asus ME172V-A1-GR.

The all new Asus come with ME172V-A1-GR 7 inches of fully touch display which display each and every object in the picture perfect quality. The color, contrast, hue, brightness are so dim and relaxing that user will calmly work with this gadget for long hours. The beautiful screen is framed with the 4 sided walls of same color which provide LCD screen like view to this piece. The Asus ME172V-A1-GR available in three beautiful colors which are Sizzling Grey, Funky Pink and Sober white every user can choose their favorite color according to their choice. Grey color go with the office going persons, Girly girls will choose Hot pink color and college and school going persons can choose white color tablet. The Asus ME172V-A1-GR provide long and powerful battery pick up.


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