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Acer C710-2487 11.6-Inch Chromebook

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Features of Acer C710-2487 (Chrome book) –

  • Available in 11.3 inches of the screen size.
  • Provide 1366 x 768 of the screen resolution.
  • With 1.1 GHz Celeron 847 of the working processor.
  • With full size Acer type of keyboard.
  • With 320 GB of the internal Hard Disk.
  • With built in Intel HD Graphics card facility.
  • 4 GB of the internal RAM.
  • 4 hours battery life.
  • Available in gray color only.
  • With Chrome operating system.
  • 3 USB ports are available.
  • Come with Light weight, portable and easy to handle body.
  • Built in stereo speakers.
  • Micro phone and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc facilities are available with it.
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Product Description

Acer C710-2487 11.6-Inch Chromebook

The C710-2487 is one of the best creations by the computer producing company Acer. The Acer C710-2487 has processor called Intel Celeron 847, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, hard drive storage of 320 GB. Screen of 11.6 inches with full HD display. The C710-2487 laptop also has chrome as its operating system. The C710-2487 has a good battery life of 4 to 6 hours. It also has a graphic card of 128 MB for better projection of game and to give its users the best experience of gaming ever. The C710-2487 Acer laptop is present in various shades and the most lucrative is the iron grey shade among all.

Various other features are also in built in Acer C710-2487 laptop such as web camera, Bluetooth, WI-FI, and microphone. Numerous USB ports are also provided on either sides of the laptop body for convenient data transfer. Large size keyboard with smooth touch pad operation in comfortable and convenient for the users, hand rest is also designed below the keyboard keeping in mind the costumers who work for long durations on computer. The hard ware platform of Acer C710-2487 laptop is Linux along with all this amazing features the computer is easy to take every where as it is a slim piece and very light weight, and strong enough to bare its regular and long time use. The key board is full size Acer type along with the full HD display screen.

It is illuminate and fast chrome book. It begins up in a few moments and battery power seems to last for long times even on standby and this awesome. It is extremely mild and convenient to carry around at work. You can take it out like a cell phone and search engines for fast solutions or carry up records without the stress of awaiting start-up or a small display. You don’t have to face any kind of connection problems. The Acer chrome book that is C710-2487 start in a few moments and have that new laptop or computer sensation every time. Its cloud-based Firefox operating system and built-in malware security renew every time on restart. No up-dates to monitor or any other kind of disk check are, automated. The Firefox operating system is simple and easy to use for all kind of costumers.


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