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Acer C710-2055 11.6-Inch Chromebook

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Features of Acer C710-2055   are-

  • With 11.6 inches of HD screen.
  • With 1366 x 768 of the screen resolution.
  • With Intel Celeron 847 processor.
  • Provide 1.1 GHz of the processing speed.
  • Chrome operating system
  • Automatic software updating is done.
  • With long battery life.
  • With lightweight , handy and portable body.
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Product Description

Acer C710-2055 11.6-Inch Chromebook

Each and every Acer gadget that Acer launch have some amendment from its previous gadget, this attitude of the Acer gesticulate that how dedicatedly it works to provide customer oriented products. The all new Acer laptop Acer C710-2055have all kind of acquaintance qualities that every Acer gadget posses with some new and improved features. The Acer C710-2055 is a chrome book which is in vague, now chrome book has taken over the laptop market completely. This smart gadget stash lots and lots of amazing features within it which make Acer C710-2055 a different product from other chrome books available in the market. The Acer C710-2055 is a prowess product from the house of Acer, which come with some elegance features. The most important feature of every Acer product is it palatine designing means every user can find oodles of space in touch area like key board, touch pad etc unlike the cramped one which is in vague. The screen of Acer C710-2055 is sprawled in 11.6 inches of area and it is the size of entire chrome book. The 11.6 inches of screen provides full HD display to this product. The screen resolution of chrome book of Acer is 1366 x 768 which amazing feature of this chrome book is. The Acer C710-2055 comes with intriguing Intel Celeron 847 type of processor which is capable of providing super fast processing speed up to 1.1 GHz to its users. Processors of chrome book always play less important role because the chrome book is a product which highly relay on the internet for its storage, manipulation, updating etc so manufacturers pays less attention on hardware only basic hardware id needed to this smart machine. With the less hardware the size and weight of this smart gadget can be decrease to great extent. The eye catching feature of Acer C710-2055  is the chrome operating system so this product is able of doing the automatic up-dates. Indicates whatever new progression is done by Search engines get instantly modified in your chrome guide without any frustration of guide upgrading. This service makes chrome guide even more wiser device to use. With chrome operating system life become so simple and easy going as it supports automatic updates and fast shut down and boot up timing. Chrome also provides very good antivirus software with it which also updates itself according to current bugs available in the world. With the use to chrome operating system half of the race is already won because the Google products like Google mail, Google hang outs, Google drive, You tube, Google maps can be accessed directly from the desktop of the machine.


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