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10 1 Galaxy NOTE 32 GB

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Highlighted features of GT-N8013EAVXAR tablet are-

  • 10.1 inches of display screen area.
  • Provide 1280×800 of screen resolution.
  • With 32 GB of the flash memory.
  • With 2 GB of RAM.
  • Provide 5 mega pixel of the rear side camera.
  • Provide 1.4 mega pixel of front side camera.
  • Support gif, jpeg, jpg, agif, png, webp, bmp etc image formats.
  • With stereo speakers and micro phones.
  • With wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Android operating system.
  • Support much software.
  • Long battery life.
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Product Description

10 1 Galaxy NOTE 32 GB

Samsung is a big brand name in the digital world, everyone desire to have smart Samsung gadget. The all new Samsung GT-N8013EAVXARcome with lucrative features which is desirable by each and every gadget loving customer. The Samsung is maven of the digital market and knows needs and requirements of customers very well that is why it always launches customer oriented products in the market. With the smart knowledge of digital market Samsung is now king of customer’s heart whether it is tablet, smart phone, mobile, laptop, television, PC etc Samsung is first choice of every clientele. The Samsung GT-N8013EAVXAR tablet is new venture of Samsung to the digital market.

The Samsung GT-N8013EAVXARcome with oodles of feature with make that tablet the most desirable product by customers.  The Samsung GT-N8013EAVXAR comes with 1280 x800 of the fantastic screen resolution. The 1280×800 is fantastic screen resolution is good resolution with the 10.1 inches of the grand screen size. Samsung is always being a savvy in providing grand display area in its each and every gadget. Most indulging feature of Samsung GT-N8013EAVXARtablet is its smooth touch facility. The Samsung GT-N8013EAVXARcomes with the Cortex processor which is dedicatedly designed for tablet to provide better processing speed. The Samsung GT-N8013EAVXARprovides 1.4 GHz of the processing speed.

The Samsung GT-N8013EAVXARhave 32 GB of the flash memory which provides plenty of space for storage of movies, music, videos, images, games, apps, software, games, documents, messages etc. The all new Samsung GT-N8013EAVXARtablet has 2 GB of RAM which beautifully complements the 32 GB of the flash memory.

The Samsung GT-N8013EAVXAR tablet come with the 5 mega pixel of the rear side camera which provide fantastic picture quality to pictures clicked by the laurel tablet. The GT-N8013EAVXAR tablet can capture images in the many different kinds of formats like gif, jpeg, jpg, agif, png, webp, bmp etc. Along with the fantastic picture quality the GT-N8013EAVXAR tablet capture full HD videos. The GT-N8013EAVXAR tablet also capture many formats of videos like asf, flv, mp3, avi,3gp, mkv, wmv, h.263, mpeg 4, h.264, divx, vp8, vc etc. Along with the 5 mega pixel of the rear side camera the GT-N8013EAVXAR tablet also provide 1.4 mega pixel of front side camera which is really very beneficial for long distance video chats.

The GT-N8013EAVXAR tablet in order provide better audio facilities it have stereo speakers and good quality of micro phones.


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