Toshiba 39L1350U
Toshiba 39L1350UToshiba 39L1350UToshiba 39L1350U

Toshiba 39L1350U

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More than just a TV, the new 39L1350U, 39-inch Class 1080p LED TV from Toshiba makes a great centrepiece for any home theatre. The set features a high-gloss black finish instead of the stylish gun metal of the other TVs, with metal neck to enhance any environment.

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Product Description

We all know what Japan is capable of when it comes to electronics technologies. Japanese companies have been the pioneers of many technologies available today and it is still an underlying factor that Japanese make things better than most others. Toshiba’s new 39L1350U acts as a testimony to prove this.

This power packed 39 inch midsized family television set serves as the perfect solution for bed rooms, kitchens and medium sized living rooms. Available on micro dimming and 3D capabilities, it will be perfect to catch up with some Friday night movies before going to bed……sounds awesome for a comfortable sleep after a soothing movie.

39L1350U is designed to provide what you really need and nothing more. This is all you need from the TV which is going to act as the second fiddle in your home. Compared to most other gun metallic versions of Toshiba’s eye catching TV’s, this one comes in a black color. We can understand what the designers wanted out of this by not harming any of the calmness in your bedroom or the energy inside your kitchen. It is designed to catch the eye only when it is needed to with no flashiness.

Mind you, even with the tag of a budget TV, this one has 1080p with full HD. It will also adjust the backlight according to the intensity of the image contents. The technology is given a name as “DynaLight” by Toshiba. This is pretty important when you are on the hurry early in the morning, trying to get things order to head to work and want to watch news……last thing you would want is the pictures to go bizarre. But with DynaLight feature, you don’t have to go through those painful, irritating moments anymore.

HDMI ports are pretty much compulsory in today’s world and Toshiba’s 39L1350U has not disappointed us with this. Another great tagline feature that Toshiba has included with 39L1350U is “Audyssey Audio Technology”. It gives clear and balances sounds in any kind of a room.

The refreshing “Dynamic Picture Mode” gives you the best control over the pictures in terms of its colors, visual noises and brightness. I told you, Japanese makes things best to suit your needs. With the Clear scan 120Hz technology, it also enables for a crystal clear picture quality for viewing fast phased images in sports and action movies.

There are also special technologies available for gaming maniacs to make quicker accessibility in processing. Games will load quicker and changes between functions takes place much faster than in most other televisions available. This is definitely advantageous given the fact that it brings 39L1350U into a complete 360 degree performer to provide entertainment to everybody in the family.

It’s packed with features, it’s in highest quality of pictures and sounds, it has got everything from gaming to high definition pictures, it is small enough to fit in to the kitchen and large enough for a living room and more importantly, it is affordable. For the price tag it carries, no wonder if Toshiba will have to manufacture its next lot of 39L1350U pretty soon.

Savour stunning visuals with your 39L1350U. It’s an LED TV with support for 1080p video with Full HD resolution which delivers a rich, clear and vibrant HD picture with incredible brightness and sharp contrast so you can sit back to enjoy clear imaging for all your media. It also comes along with awesome sound and excellent energy efficiency.

Some other amazing features of 39L1350U are:

  1. ClearScan® 120Hz technology, which reduces blurring caused by fast-action sports, other fast-motion video or action movies and improves picture clarity without impacting brightness or adding flicker and your TV can keep up with fast-moving entertainment.

  2. DynaLight® technology which automatically adjusts the backlight intensity of the TV based on the image content.

  3. Audyssey® Audio Technology which allows you to enjoy great sound with advanced audio technologies like Audyssey EQ® and Audyssey ABX™


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