Toshiba 32L1350U
Toshiba 32L1350UToshiba 32L1350UToshiba 32L1350U

Toshiba 32L1350U

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Toshiba’s 32L1350U is a 32-inch class first in line of Toshiba entry level LED TV. The set features a high-gloss black finish instead of the stylish gun metal of the other TVs, with metal neck to enhance any environment.

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Product Description

It is loaded with lots of amazing features like ClearScan® 120Hz Anti-Blur technology, DynaLight® dimming technology, Audyssey® Audio Technology with Audyssey EQ® and Audyssey ABX®, and ENERGY STAR® 6.0 certified which means it meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA and the energy consumption remains low.

ClearScan® 120Hz technology reduces blurring caused by fast-action sports, other fast-motion video or action movies and improves picture clarity without impacting brightness or adding flicker and your TV can keep up with fast-moving entertainment. DynaLight® technology automatically adjusts the backlight intensity of the TV based on the image content. Audyssey® Audio Technology allows you to enjoy great sound with advanced audio technologies like Audyssey EQ® and Audyssey ABX™.

Savour stunning visuals with your 39L1350U. It’s an LED TV with support for 720p video which delivers a rich, clear and vibrant HD picture with incredible brightness and sharp contrast so you can sit back to enjoy clear imaging for all your media. It also comes along with awesome sound and excellent energy efficiency.

The 39 inch LED Television by Toshiba is purely an all-round performer in many aspects. It has got every essential option that you wouldn’t find in a conventional TV. High definition, 3D view, USB ports, HDMI’s, Energy saving and 720p, you name it, it has got them all in bunches.

Toshiba 32L1350U is made to the concept that it is not the flashiest of TV’s but a one which meets the reality in your everyday busy life. Your requirements would be to watch essential programs everyday while you get engaged with other stuff. To do that what you need is not a complex system but a simplified version of it with the highest quality of pictures and sounds. This is where Toshiba scores above all other products available in the category of LED high definition televisions.

The impressive technologies of “DayLight” technology and “Dynamic Picture” mode will provide the viewer with a very high definition of colors and picture motions. Intensity of colors is a critical aspect to provide a smooth transition of pictures which is comfortable to the eyes. With Toshiba’s “DayLight” technology, this is absolutely solved with an intelligent back light control in accordance to the image type.

Toshiba’s innovative all control remote controller gives access to control other devices which support HDMI CEC. This is very convenient without having to keep many remote controllers at our premises.

An audio quality of 32L1350U is extremely impressive. It has the so called “Audyssey Audio Technology” which gives extra bass for ultimate quality of sound. As we have looked in to earlier, this is another proof of “Doing the Thing Right” and “Doing the Right Thing” by Toshiba. Built in speakers are of 14W, making it energy efficient. But you can always plug in a surround system to have extra boost on your sound qualities.

Toshiba’s strength has always been with their solid technologies. This is why everybody is backing their new line products of L1350U’s in LED TV’s. It’s not a case of where you chunk in all of what you have inside one 32 inch screen; it is about delivering what is required most by the customers. Toshiba has been a pioneer in the industry ever since they were involved in bringing up video cassette recorders with many other competitors at that era. They know the game and they know how best to play it and more importantly, they know about YOU. They have a very good understanding about their customers and what they need. This is why many people find Toshiba’s TV’s matching with their lifestyles and more personalized.

The price of this television is one thing which will definitely attract you. It is within the perfect range for a LED TV with capabilities of such. Available to be bought in from your local dealers for Toshiba 32L1350U or even through online vendors, it is readily available in your favorite medium of purchasing. Make a quick move and make it yours! Toshiba’s 32L1350U will surely be an asset for your sweet home, that too a very slowly depreciating one.


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