Toshiba 29L1350U
Toshiba 29L1350UToshiba 29L1350UToshiba 29L1350U

Toshiba 29L1350U

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Toshiba’s 29L1350U is a 29-inch class 720p LED TV which can be mainly used as a computer monitor due its small size but it also works best in a small entertainment room or a bedroom. The set features a high-gloss black finish instead of the stylish gun metal of the other TVs, with metal neck to enhance any environment.

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Product Description

It is loaded with lots of amazing features like DynaLight® dimming technology, Audyssey® Audio Technology with Audyssey EQ® and Audyssey ABX®, and ENERGY STAR® 6.0 certified which means it meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA and the energy consumption remains low.

It supports 720p video which delivers a rich, clear and vibrant HD picture with incredible brightness and sharp contrast so you can sit back to enjoy clear imaging for all your media. It also comes along with awesome sound and excellent energy efficiency.

The built-in game mode of 29L1350U provides technology that actually improves your gaming experience by reducing controller delay. The HDTV helps make you quicker on the trigger in your favorite games by shortening the overall signal-to-screen time and allows you to enjoy un-interrupted gaming experience.

Energy is the most important asset in today’s world after it overtook cash in the last decade. Save energy, energy saving products, green products and recyclable products are all in our earlobes, echoing every day.

Toshiba’s 29L1350U saves the day for you with their energy star LED Television. It comes in good for the purpose with lowest level of electricity consumption, making your entertainment package to be wallet friendly.

The new Toshiba 29L1350U is 29 inches in size, making it the mid-sized option among 3 size options that Toshiba has provided. This makes the LED screen not a mega viewer but a small size compact design. Now, if you are looking for a cinematic view of a screen, definitely this is not the option for you. But hey! If you are looking for a TV to suit into your smaller rooms at home, this is the perfect option for you. What’s it gives you is a smaller consumption of space with exactly the same or even more powerful tools and technology to what exists in the market today.

With a 720p resolution and 3D enabled environment, 29L1350U gives many more enhancements other than the basic pack. The “DynaLight” technology adapts the intensity of the back light to suit to the image you are viewing or the TV program you are watching. This is perfect in conditions where the TV program provider has variations in color intensities from one program to the other….happens to me every day and gives me many irritating moments. Toshiba’s DynaLight will save my blood pressure from here on. The “Dynamic Picture Mod” also serves as a picture enhancement, giving amazing pictures with premium quality colors. Refresh rate for pictures is 60Hz.

Audio is up to the best standards available today in the market with Toshiba’s new “Audyssey Audio Technology”. This has a Bass extension for amazing sound quality, especially for music videos and movies.

You can plug in HDMI, USB and other multimedia cables to connect various devices. The remote controller has HDMI CEC which will enable you to make it a common and centralized controller for other multimedia devices as well. This is an absolute must to avoid the hassle of finding specific remote controllers for each of the electronic items and keep doing it until your favorite program is over, making a complete mess of your Saturday night leisure hour. With the HDMI CEC supported remote controller, you will never have to face such scenarios in the future.

Toshiba’s 29L1350U is convenient, it is powerful, it is attractive and what’s more? It comes in at a much lesser cost than most of its competitors. Try it out and you would love the feel of it. The design would suit to 9 out of 10 places at your house and guaranteed….your kids won’t complain with the gamming capabilities that it possess. With all the eye catching features Toshiba’s 29L1350U can be rated as a truly family oriented entertainment provider which contains all the essential features and many more.


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