Samsung UN60F7500
Samsung UN60F7500Samsung UN60F7500Samsung UN60F7500

Samsung UN60F7500

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Samsung’s new line smart TV’s have already made a big mark in the industry. Today Samsung is trying to make unimaginable heights with its new lines of smart TV’s. UN60F7500 is one of those magical televisions that Samsung has to offer. It has already made its mark in the market creating much number of disciples in a short period. However, if you are one of the other kinds who haven’t heard of this master pieced before, let’s analyze what UN60F7500 has to offer for you.

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Product Description

Its design is the first eye catching feature of anyone who is interested in enhancing the surrounding with a beautifier. Samsung has made it to the extreme in terms of thickness. It is NOT thin and I wonder whether anyone can make it thinner than this in the future.
The 240HZ refresh rate not only creates quality pictures, but also is soothing for the eyes with picture perfectness. The clear motion rate of 960 can display action scenes with super sharpness. Micro dimming is one major innovation that Samsung’s engineers have come across. It enables users to easily split the screen into several sections and dim the brightness off in certain sections which are unimportant for the moment. This enables the environment for proper concentration when viewing television channels with unimportant side advertisements for you. …arghhh what a pain those could be at times. But with Samsung’s UN60F7500, this is never a problem, ever again.

UN60F7500 runs in is full high definition with 1080p resolution with 2D and 3D enabled, giving the user the ultimate viewing pleasure with every single high performing option available. The Quad core processor will provide you with the smoothest of transitions between screens and applications. This is essentially important in an electronics product packed with many applications of highest performance.

Nobody can survive without the World Wide Web these days, even while watching TV. The built in Wi-Fi systems in UN60F7500 will enable you to access internet through the home wireless data connectivity and access any video in YouTube. With the high processing power, downloading and viewing videos is smooth and fast. What’s more? You get Skype, internet calling and many more of your daily essentials with UN60F7500. Does it not satisfy you STILL?

People always try to enhance the sound quality with surround systems and other enhancements. This is why Samsung has put in special HDMI ports for its UN60F7500 model. Now you can plug in more than one multimedia device at the same time.

If Samsung keeps on adding features like this, soon, television will wipe off the home desktop computers forever. Not a bad thing though. It would mean that you only need to invest on one specific electronics equipment and not many. Gone are the days where we bought televisions to view conventional channels to watch daily programs. Television has moved into a different hype now with many more features coming in. Can we still call it “Television”? For the moment let’s just call it “SMART TV’s”. Or how about Samsung Smart TV’s?


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