Samsung UN55F7500
Samsung UN55F7500Samsung UN55F7500Samsung UN55F7500

Samsung UN55F7500

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It is no secret that in the last decade Samsung has come such a long way in such a small period in all forms of technologies. Today when you talk about smart phones, it is Samsung, when you talk about affordable laptops or tablets, it is Samsung and how many of you know that Samsung’s success story started off with their fine televisions? Yes, that is right, it was that superb quality LCD and LED screens which made Samsung stand out of the rest. They became the pioneers of it. Samsung’s UN55F7500 is the proceeding marvel of that success story.

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Product Description

Interactive user interface powered by Samsung’s smart hub is the first eye catching feature of this television. The thumb nail interface interaction makes this more of an entertainment system than just a television.

Picture quality has always been Samsung’s stand out feature and it is no different here in UN55F7500 as well. Pictures are sharp, they are clean and they have the natural stream as well. It’s no surprise to have this kind of quality pictures with 1080p resolution and 240Hz refresh rate, but still the electronics parts have to deliver and Samsung’s electronics do deliver with the highest quality.

UN55F7500 has the touch remote controller, which is absolutely awesome for the highest level of convenience, especially when you are half asleep watching Friday night movies and wants to scroll through the channels with ease. The cross platform search makes it feels as if your wish is being done by a virtual genie.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube access is not a problem and what’s more? You can even twit and post on Facebook through the television. Is it a TV or a multi functional laptop + mobile phone + Note pad together? I really don’t have an answer to that.
A lot of people have a problem with regards to their televisions being in the living room that they tend to make the room a bit more in appropriate. Conventionally televisions were never a house hold decoration. But Samsung has changed it. Even UN55F7500 has a super slim design that catches anyone’s eye and makes your living room look superior. It is so slim that even when you mount it on to a wall, it won’t look extruded out of the wall. It is perfect to keep things in balance with regards to technology and glamor.

Samsung’s innovation team is world renowned for their new rational product initiatives. Samsung’s Smart TV team has also come up with “micro dimming pro” which is pretty impressive. It will allow you to dim one half of the screen while running the other half at the normal brightness. Especially important feature when two people share the TV to watch two different channels. The screen can therefore be split into different portions and the user can dim off the unnecessary sections to his/her liking.

If ever someone tries Samsung’s UN55F7500 it will be very difficult to replace their house with another TV. Trust me this electronics product is that good. It’s cute, it’s handsome, it’s hot, it’s sexy and more importantly, it is Smart.


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