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Samsung UN50F6400

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UN50F6400 Has in built Wi-Fi, which will let you connect to the home wireless internet and download literally whatever from the World Wide Web. The remote control is really impressive with easy to use keys. Keys are big enough not to wiggle and jiggle your fingers across and are pretty smartly aligned. The special “Smart Hub Button” in the remote controller which will open up the central controller interface gives convenience to access all the options centrally.

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Product Description

With only 1.88 inches thin slimmest of slim designs, Samsung’s smart TV model UN50F6400 has all the features that would make you dwell inside your TV room for hours and even days. External audio access, video access, fully functional button interface, touch interface with smart hub and the 360 degree rotational stand are all parts of this wonderful master piece.

What’s more refreshing about this super doper TV is 3 dimensional pictures. Gone are the days where you will have to arrange a Friday night out for the latest 3D movies. Just bring your friends home and enjoy the home made cinema. The 50 inch sharp LED screen gives the best pictures with a 1920 x 1080 high definition resolution. 16.9 aspect ratio is also the best to view movies and what’s more, you have 4 HDMI inputs which give the best of transfer speeds to view high definition videos and connect other multimedia devices such as handy cams and camcorders.

Samsung UN50F6400 is truly a smart TV with five essentially important smart hub contents. You can plug in all your important pictures, songs and movies at one go without having to search and make things complex.
The UN50F6400 also has the ENERGY STAR qualification which means the product is following the strict energy efficient standards set by the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency, making it a green product. This means that you are not only helping yourself but the environment as well. Doesn’t cost you anything to be an environmentalist, so why not?

Samsung has always been a pioneer in providing fast performing mobile and smart products. It is no different therefore with their high performing smart TV to provide a dual core processor to give you super fast processing capabilities.

Single biggest strength of Samsung digital screens has been their crystal clear picture quality. In UN50F6400 you will get a motion rate of 480, which is absolutely sensational in watching action pictures such as sports and action movies. After all, what you pay to buy your movies should be paid off with pinnacle level outputs. Hold on…that’s not all, this refreshing smart TV also offers you exceptional color qualities as well.

Most of the products in the market having the tag line of a “Smart Product” are not really smart products. Samsung’s UN50F6400 lives up to its smart product expectations with the eco sensor it has. What this eco sensor does is to brighten or soften the color intensities of the screen to match that of the room’s light levels. This is something new and something truly innovative. WOW, it’s intelligent.

You can go online, download your favorite songs, your favorite movies, save your personal photos, watch movies like you never did before on high definition true color mega screen, save space with the slimmest of designs and the list goes on and on and on. Samsung UN50F6400 is tempting to try out, live with and integrate your life to the smart world.


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