Samsung UN46F7500
Samsung UN46F7500Samsung UN46F7500Samsung UN46F7500

Samsung UN46F7500

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F7500 series of Samsung’s attractive Smart TV’s are available in 3 sizes. 46 Inch screen is a smart choice by every means, giving lager screen to pack in all the features for a lesser cost than its big brother of 50 inch.

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Product Description

Artificial intelligence of Samsung’s new TV lines is absolutely impressive. UN46F7500’s voice recognition ability is something unique which creates a completely new perspective of artificial intelligence. You do not have to go through all the hustle and guzzle to press buttons and type in what you need. Just say it out, and your smart TV will do the rest to find your requirements on the web. Not only the voice recognitions, Samsung has not turned down the fact that your hands are still the most convenient way of communicating with a multimedia device. Its motion control is stunningly impressive. With the just one press on the top of the TV, you bring out the motion detector. Move around your palm in front of the TV and do wonders. Press buttons on the screen, flick to pass the pages or drag….all while you are a few meters away from the TV, sitting on the couch. It is magic and something you can mesmerize your friends with.

Not only UN46F7500 has 1080p picture quality and 3 dimensional pictures with 240Hz LED emission, it also has the micro dimming, which enables to work well with fast motion movies, sports and action pictures.

As with every other Samsung smart TV, the UN46F7500 also has an impressive processing power with a Quad core processor. Multitasking is therefore never a problem.

Wi-Fi is almost essential for a new generation smart TV. But, for Samsung’s UN46F7500, web browsing is made to be extra easier with the use of full web browsing capabilities. You will feel no different to what you are used to with a notepad or laptop.
With UN46F7500, you will get a smart touch remote control. Replacing the conventional type of a buttoned remote controller, this one has the touch screen. Convenience is the word my friend. Hold on! That’s not all what it has got to offer you. It is also a multipurpose remote controller, meaning that it can control not only your smart TV, but also blue ray players, DVD players and other entertainment systems. This is truly innovative by Samsung.
With the Energy Star 6.0 qualification, Samsung’s UN46F7500 is bound to protect your energy and save a considerable bunch of money at the end of the month for you. With the lower energy saving, you are also indirectly becoming an environmental friendly individual.

Samsung’s UN46F7500 has given the SMART world a new meaning with truly innovative intelligence levels to this mega piece of a TV. It’s not just a TV but a life partner for you. What has it NOT got? Let me think for the next week and let you know…if there is any. It’s majestic, supreme, glamorous and intelligent. For a Smart TV there is nothing more you could ask for.


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