Samsung UN46F6400
Samsung UN46F6400Samsung UN46F6400Samsung UN46F6400

Samsung UN46F6400

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Thinking of buying a new television? Samsung’s smart TV model UN46F6400 is now available to fulfill your requirements. 46 inch Samsung UN46F6400 is a 1080p 120Hz class LED HDTV with a 19020×1080 full HD resolution with a16:9 aspects ratio that helps you have an excellent 1080p full HD amazing picture quality.

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Product Description

That is not all; there are more unbelievable features in UN46F6400. The four HDMI input ports are one of them, where you can connect the TV to a digital cable box, DVD & Blu-ray player, PC computers, PC portable devices, new generation tablets or other devices that have the HDMI output feature, and this would mean that you are bound to be surrounded with entertainment. Apart from that, the built-in Wi-Fi helps you to stream videos via the internet without requiring any additional equipment. All you need to do is connect to your wireless router in your home network and start browsing the web. Isn’t this amazing?

You will be astonished to hear about the other wonderful feature in this TV. That’s the ability to enjoy both 2D and 3D pictures with ease and conform at a convenient angle you would prefer. You could simply turn 2D into 3D with Samsung’s 3D converter and have a clear and wonderful cinematic experience. The remarkable level of a 480 clear motion rate enhances the quality of what you are watching. CMR offers a very good frame refresh rate, image processor speed and backlight technology that improves your picture quality. You can even enjoy older film products or non high definition contents as the UN46F400 has an expanded color range that would provide you with a marvelous experience.

You will be surprised to hear about the lovely smart touch remote controller the Samsung UN46F6400 has. You can even control multiple devices connected to your television including the set top box, Blu-ray player and the home entertainment system. The touch pad enables quick navigation while the built-in microphone provides more realistic communicative controller capabilities.

The latest feature you can have is the TV view feature. That is the ability to mirror whatever’s on the UN46F400’s screen to your Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone or the Galaxy tablet. With this cool feature you don’t have to sit in front of the television all the time, you could move around your house while television is literally in your hand. This is simply WOW!

Ever thought of being Eco-friendly with your TV? This is a great opportunity for you to do so. The Samsung UN46F6400 is an ENERGY STAR qualified product that prevents green house gas emission as it meets the energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S Department of Energy. This TV also has an Eco sensor that has the ability to measure the intensity of light in the surrounding and automatically adjust the brightness of the image on the TV, which helps you to save energy.

Isn’t this the smart TV you were looking for? With so many amazing features and a wonderful picture quality, you can now enjoy all your TV programs, movies, and videos by simply attaching your device to the television at your home and spend more time with your family, loved ones or even friends. Be smart with Samsung’s smart TV’s.


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