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Samsung UN40F6400

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What you get at the first hand experience is an incredibly clear color with literally almost every dot of the screen is emitting light, meaning pureness and realness. What’s more? With about 4 milliseconds of a response time, you won’t ever experience any ghosting with this TV. Samsung’s dual core processor gives this unit the speed it requires to compeer at such high heights.

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Samsung’s UN40F6400 like every other Samsung’s smart products is innovative. When you buy a high end product like this, spending a fair sum of money, what you are looking for is good benefits out of it. Does UN40F6400 give you what you pay for? Let’s see.

Available in many screen sizes, UN40F6400 is the 40 inch version of it. Slightly shorter than the other two versions of 50 inches and 46 inches, but giving just the right kind of viewing pleasure for a lesser price. The aluminum finish gives this product a unique superior look to give just the right kind of amiability to station the TV anywhere in your house. The living room, kitchen, bed room or in a separate TV room, it will surely give an added aesthetic enhancement to the surrounding.

UN40F6400 gives 3 dimensional pictures with high definition. This gives you the best of viewing experience for movies of all kinds and sports. Samsung’s core competency over the years has been the capability of having multi tasking. It’s the same with their 6400 series of smart TV’s with the use of the concept called “Smart Hub”. Smart hub is actually a central accessibility portal that enables the user to access everything through one screen interface. It’s easy, it is convenient and it is SMART.

Built in Wi-Fi gives you easy access to any wireless network that is available and access fast internet for downloading songs, videos and even movies. What good if you can’t store what you download? It also has the built in storage capabilities.

Lot of people don’t know that most of the quality of multimedia files are lost at data transferring. When you transfer a video from a camcorder to a video device, the file’s video quality is lost through transferring. HDMI is the high definition version of media data transferring. Samsung’s smart TV’s are built on the concept of high definition. Therefore, it has 4 ports of HDMI which enables you to attach multimedia devices such as speakers, DVD players and camcorders for super quality data transferring.
Slim..slim..slim. Samsung’s UN40F6400 is super slim. Mounting on to a wall, this will look pretty much like a portrait at the first glance. Giving 10/10 for the design is an easy task.

Sound is essential in today’s exotic level of entertainment. Samsungs 6400 series has joined in hands with Dolby for internet sounds and DTS for the surround sound system. The base levels and sound penetration are impeccable compared to some of its competitors, thus a good movie will definitely be hyped up with sounds.
Try it, test it and see the magic for yourself. If UN40F6400 fails to impress you, nothing will…trust me on that.


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