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Panasonic TC-L58E60

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TC-L58E60 has extra clarity of pictures with its 1080 pixels high definition LED screen. With their new technology of 120Hz and 240 back blinking, the pictures are even sharper, making it absolutely an easier task to see finer details in informative videos.

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Product Description

What is special about Panasonic TC-L58E60? Is it the design? Is it the technology or is it because it’s a little smarter than other smart TV’s available? Or maybe is it because it is a combination of all good features that it possesses? Whatever the reason maybe, TC-L58E60 has already made its mark with a huge boom in sales upon its introduction.

The voice guidance of TC-L58E60 might make you feel a little more conventional but trust me, it will be a huge assistant when you first try to figure out some of the options available. Besides, you will need at least a year to grasp into all the new options and features that this new innovative TV has to throw at you.

Panasonic’s TC-L58E60 isn’t only about picture quality and sounds; it has got more to make it an all-round performer. With their innovative VIERA connection, you can actually work with multiple devices, making your TC-L58E60 the central hub.

Connecting your camcorders, digital cameras, PC’s and other multimedia devices is that much easier with this concept of VIERA with easy one click connection. With the VIERA technology, you can have your iphone or the android smart phone as a remote controller to change volumes and other settings. Obviously, it will enable you to play music straight from your mobile phone through the television. THE VIERA interface is also DLNA enabled, which means that you can connect to any storage device from anywhere in the house through a wireless connection to The flexible interface also provides you with additional options to make the first look of the TV to your liking. You can change the gadgets, widgets and also applications to be shown in the home screen. This is a life saver if you are the kind of quick to grab person who needs faster actions.

Web browsing is absolutely trouble free with the HTML 5 enabled interface. To say the least, the web browser in TC-L58E60 can do almost anything that you PC do. The profile of TC-L58E60 is extremely slim which, less than 1.5 inches to be precise. It makes it look more decorative than a technologically advanced LED TV at the first glance.

TC-L58E60 is not only the high profile TV that you were looking for; it is also an energy saver. This makes it a money saver In the long run for you. With Energy Star Most Efficient award in 2013, it is now proven to cost less in electricity and indirectly contributing to environmental factor as well.

The swipe and share feature is another advanced option made simple by the engineers in Panasonic. Easier file transferring is made possible with just a slide of your index finger from your smart phone to the LED TV. That just sums up the performance of Panasonic’s TC-L58E60. It’s advanced yet it’s simple.


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