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Panasonic TC-L50E60


It is thin, it is dashy and flashy, it looks majestic and more importantly, it is SMART. The TV comes with their new technology called “Panasonic VIERA Connect” which allows you to access thousands of online applications. This is the same way you would link with apps on a smart phone. It makes life convenient for you with all-in-one gadget to access everything you need to spend the day in a fun and an entertaining way.

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Product Description

Have you ever had a dream where you could change the interface of your television set and set whatever program you like whether it be a game, a web browser or anything out of your imagination to be set up as a starting program and NOT A TV CHANNEL LIST? Well, it is possible now with Panasonic’s new TC-L50E60.

Panasonic has not given half measures with this TC-L50E60. The MEGA 50 inch giant screen will truly enable high quality cinematic view for your everyday movies….saves cost to visit cinema from here on. Not only that, linking your smart devices from smart phones to smart camera’s is only one click away with TC-L50E60’s swipe and share concept. As the name suggests, it is a swipe and share concept. You just swipe music, videos or even pictures from your smart phone and it will automatically be sent to your Panasonic TC-L50E60.

This dynamic LED television has many more essential technologies that are expected from a top notch brand like Panasonic. Features such as 176 degree viewing angle, 120Hz refresh rate which is pleasing to the eye, HDMI ports for high definition multimedia sharing, USB ports and 1080p resolution are all options that will not disappoint you for one bit.
The TV’s screen looks crystal clear when viewing any kind of pictures with its newer high definition features. The inbuilt media player and the speakers are just the right blend to this powerful picture quality. Users these days are however used to attach surround systems for a boosted sound. Panasonic TC-L50E60 with its HDMI ports will support high quality surround systems for this purpose.

The new 120Hz, 240 backlight blinking technology that Panasonic has invented plays a major role in sharpening the pictures to achieve crystal clearness.

Leave aside all the options that this master piece gives you, just the design of it with slim rich black material gives a new dimension to your living room. It can basically fit in with any level of interior decorativeness.
The VIERA technology brings you a network to work through in cloud connect which enables to access various applications in the internet or in home networks. What’s special about VIERA is the categorization of contents. You can easily surf through games, videos, music or even educational contents.

Let’s sum it up with Panasonic TC-L50E60. It is slim, it is fashionable, it’s big, it has got all the power tools that come with a SMART TV, it has got a centralized platform to access many networks and applications at a one single port and finally it costs less. What more can you ask for from a smart TV?


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