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Panasonic TC-L42E60

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Panasonic’s new TC-L42E60 is a new generation fully high definition loaded smart TV which is all about quality and innovation. It has got all the modern day essential features like 1080pixel resolution, back light blinking rate of 120Hz and many more. It was actually the winner of 2013 international CES innovator.

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With so many electronics equipment developers and manufacturers entering to the competitive market of Smart TV’s especially in LED TV’s, it is now a matter of quality and deliverable’s. People tend to buy from the manufacturers who develop the future product, today.

What’s special with Panasonic’s TC-L42E60 is that it is truly yours. You will feel like spending time with a lifelong partner when you switch this buddy on. As you switch the TV on, you will be landing on the screen page where you can customize everything from location, weather, date, time, settings, interface and virtually everything else too. You can have your social media apps or music apps or even games on my screen page for an easier access. This makes Panasonic TC-L42E60 a unique product which is absolutely customized in every possible way to the users’ requirements.

Streaming movies, connecting to social networks and socializing or even listening to music were all used to be the entertainment side of your laptop or the personal computer. But with Panasonic TC-L42E60, you can leave your laptop or notepad into peace with only office work or other clerical stuff and work on entertainment on the mega 42 inch screen with ease and better picture quality. Isn’t this exactly what you would expect from a smart TV?

Connecting to the home wireless or wired internet network is not a problem. What lot of other smart TV’s exaggerates about so much are their internet capabilities. But do they really provide you with convenient internet browsing? Many of these televisions fail to do so. Panasonic’s TC-L42E60 actually has a superb web browser which will make you feel browsing internet no different to that of with a laptop or a desktop computer. This is a mega tag line that Panasonic provides to its customers making TC-L42E60 a true one-in-all device. The browser is HTML 5 compatible which makes it fully optimized to use almost all the features available in the internet.

Panasonic’s slim design has enabled it to be more living room friendly than many other futuristic and more of unrealistic products which are available in the market. The product suites in just right with any kind of an interior design that you might have to throw at it.

Adding background music to your videos is not a problem now with the media player editing options available with Panasonic TC-L42E60. You can also edit pictures and make special effects. With VIERA, you can link every single part of your house together, the kitchen, the living room, the bed room and even the toilets for a convenient network inside the house.
In 2013, Panasonic TC-L42E60 has received the Energy Star’s most efficient award which is presented only to the products that achieves excellent standards in saving energy. Save your energy, save the world and enjoy the utmost entertainment with Panasonic TC-L42E60.


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