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LG 39LN5700

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If you are looking for a SMART LED TV which is bigger than your 32” TV but your budget doesn’t allows you to go for a 42” TV, LG’s 39LN5700 is the SMARTest choice for you. 39LN5700 has a Full HD 1080p display with “direct-lit” backlight, which ensures lesser light leakage at the sides of the display and better display performance.

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Product Description

With its built-in WiFi and superior picture display quality you can enjoy amazing features on your TV like – streaming video using Netflix®, YouTube® and Hulu Plus™, listening music, social networking as well as exclusive live events like baseball with and lots of other entertainment apps. You can also share your favorite movies and music, photos and videos from your vacation from compatible devices direct to your TV using LG’s SmartShare functionality. LG’s amazing user-friendly TV/web interface makes the navigation a piece of cake.

32LN5700 comes with a dual-core processor with on board graphics which enhances versatility of this set, speed up web browsing and multitasking with applications, and gives you a better gaming experience. It also comes with an optional Magic Remote which enhances your SMART TV browsing experience and also helps you get rid of multiple remote controls as you can control many devices like your Blu-ray, Set-Top-Box and sound bar. You can even download a free application on your Smartphone to control the TV using Wi-Fi.



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