Panasonic V100M 42X Intelligent Zoom HD Camcorder
Panasonic V100M 42X Intelligent Zoom HD CamcorderPanasonic V100M 42X Intelligent Zoom HD CamcorderPanasonic V100M 42X Intelligent Zoom HD Camcorder

Panasonic V100M 42X Intelligent Zoom HD Camcorder

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Glaring features of this camcorder are –

  • Capable of launching complete High Definition quality 1920 x 1080/60i Video within the limited light available.
  • Catch up to 2.1 Mega Pixel of Picture quality While Recording the videos con-temporarily from it.
  • High-Sensitivity 1.5 Mega Pixel 1/5.8 inch of MOS Sensor are build in.
  • Built-In 16 GB of the Storage is provided with it, which can store oodles of videos and the photographs within it without any need of separate memory card.
  • Separate SD Cards Slot is provided (in case if extra storage is needed).
  • Wide-Angle 32.5 mm high quality Panasonic Lens is provided for very high quality pictures.
  • Extensive 2.7 inch LCD display area is provided.
  • Brilliant 42 percent Zoom capability is enabled.
  • 34 percent Optical Zoom enabled.
  • Energy O.I.S. with Effective Mode.
  • Small (Type-C) HDMI Outcome.
  • USB 2.0 Port is provided.
  • Shade Evening Perspective is given.
  • Capable of capturing good videos in Low Mild conditions.
  • Field Mode is provided.

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Product Description

The Panasonic V100M 42x Intelligent Zoom HD Camcorder is designed by keeping heed of Zoom loving photographers. The Panasonic is totally oblivious of fact that this feature will be the most futile property of this product. For the photographers who love oodles of zooming in there photography and want to capture distant objects clearly in there camera prefer it. The dapper zooming functionality is the inimitable property of the Panasonic V100M 42x Intelligent Zoom HD Camcorder. This camcorder provide up to 42 percent of the intelligent zoom and 32 percent of the optical zoom which is w vivid property of this camcorder.

The most charismatic feature of the Panasonic V100M 42x Intelligent Zoom HD Camcorder is its capability to shoot full length High Definition videos up to 1920 x 1080/60 which is an fantastic quality. With this super video quality any photographer will not even mull for a minute before purchasing this fantastic product. This camera comes with the capability that along with taking HD videos we can also click the still images and quality of the image will be just like it is being clicked by camera with the power of 2.1 Mega Pixel. Yes the image is of potboiler quality but yes High Definition video quality will compensate it.

The HC-V100M has a high knowing MOS picture signal, connected recording ability at 60 frames per second and contemporary recording ability provided at 960 x 540 qualities (30 fps). The video camera also has a long history of shot-enhancing and flexibility-furthering features. This history contains Power Visible Image Backing (O.I.S.) with Effective Method, 34x Visible Zoom capability ability, 42x Awesome Zoom capability ability and 32.5mm broad-angle Panasonic lens. It is also ready with 2.1 mega-pixel still picture capture at the same time as recording capability enabled feature and intelligent focus system. With recording attributes like this, you will be capable to generate wonderful HD videos/ images with amazing shade, information and loading beauty.


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