Contour ROAM Waterproof HD 1080P
Contour ROAM Waterproof HD 1080PContour ROAM Waterproof HD 1080PContour ROAM Waterproof HD 1080P

Contour ROAM Waterproof HD 1080P

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The highlighted feature of this camera are-

  • Water proof and water resistant body.
  • Able to float on water.
  • User-friendly – Immediate One touch on and off user interface.
  • Fully Flexible body that can be turned 360 levels and is effortlessly amendable with cold or wet hands means no maintenance id needed.
  • Wonderful HD Movie Contour ROAM features a 170 level wide position lens , that catches amazing HD video or still images.
  • Available in glaring grey color body only.
  • Highly durable and solid case.


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Product Description

Contour has become expert of unveiling water proof cameras and every adventure loving people desire to have Contour in his hand while going for any adventure trip. The Contour ROAM Waterproof HD 1080P camera is also part of Contour legacy. The Contour Roam is capable of commanding its niche to make Contour’s already handy tp use control plan even simpler by mixing the power and history control buttons this easy control system make contour a favorite brand of adventure loving people. The ultra wide-angle lens makes creating a point-and-shoot event. HD movie quality is good. The Contour ROAM Waterproof HD 1080P camera is best thing to carry with us during any adventure trip as it can easily record our experiences while traveling without any blur in recording. People usually enjoy the features of this extra ordinary camera while cycling, motor racing, tracking, bunggi jumping, sea diving, under water diving and many such experiences which need to be recorded in order to create perfect memories. It is absolutely correct to say that The Contour ROAM Waterproof HD 1080P camera is first choice of valiant people who love to feel danger of life and record each and every detail of it.

The Contour Roam suits the strong development and ultra wide area of perspective of the competitors, while still doing your best as an activities photographic camera with its convenience of use and low price. This camera is for doughty people who always do startling tasks. Like other Contour cameras the is also come with full water proof body which protect the camera from any kind of damage from the water and record the startling videos of doughty people while they are performing under water stunts. Along with the full water proof body this camera come with the full fledge Buoyant feature means this camera is able to float on water! Yes this camera can swim isn’t it is an amazing feature at this price?

As this serene camera is especially designed for adventure loving people so it have very user friendly control system that even 5th grade student can handle it accurately. Its mount has the fully adjustable feature that it can rotate up to 360 degree. Its HD video quality is an unmatchable feature of this camera as it can record full HD quality video even in the gloomy room, which is an amazing feature of it.


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