Contour+ 2 Camera
Contour+ 2 CameraContour+ 2 CameraContour+ 2 Camera

Contour+ 2 Camera


Highlights of this camera are –

  • Simple and handy to use glide camera the Immediate On-Record Change into its securing position and the photographic camera abilities on and begins documenting to ensure you begin shooting exactly when you're ready. The Laser Level guarantees you get the perfect position every time. This is best way to store memories.
  • Linked Experience Wireless couples to your iOS /Android device enabling you to review the taken and modify the photographic camera settings.
  • Water proof.
  • Plastic case.
  • Stylish grey body.
  • Portable to carry.
  • Capture HD videos.


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Product Description

Explore amazing HD quality videos with stylish Contour+ 2 Camera

Experience the new evolution of camera with Contour+ 2 Camera which is build with dark plastic and compiled with metal barrel, its camera is cylindrical with four inches. There are rails in both two side of camera .This allows you to record high quality videos and sports a rotating lens. It is available with its simple and elegant style in grey color.. Contour’s trend mark slider ensures instant on-record switch into its lock position. When you slide it forward its power get on and you can record video similarly when you slide it back it stop recording and power is off. Its slider not only gives it a cool look but also save it from accidental damage.

Getting ahead there is a Bluetooth button; which is made of rubber with the help of this button you can connect and share high quality videos to your iOS and android devices. Share the best digital videos via Contour+ 2 Camera.When shooting 1080p movie at 30 supports per second, we were able to history only about 30 minutes worth of movie before our 4GB card ran out of space. Luckily, the Contour+2 can agree to credit cards up to 32GB in size.

Another wonderful thing about Contour+ 2 Camera is its LED indicator which shows its battery, media card capacity and GPS status. At the bottom there is audio input and on the back of it there are two ports one is for a mini USB port which is for charging and another for mini –HDMI socket.

The best feature of Contour+ 2 Camera is its waterproof plastic case which is now available with its box. If you are the one who love traveling and tracking then Contour+ 2 Camera is the best choice for you. Contour+ 2 Camera is the most amazing camera for of recording action and motion videos with great quality. Its waterproof case allows you to capture your amazing and precious moments in rain. Therefore you can record underwater videos through it. Now you can record your high motion videos without any worry of getting your camera damaged and blur free. As there are two rails on either side of camera so can fix it according to your comfort ability on your helmet and record you stunts. It is most well rounded camera ever.


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